The Virtual Basketball Association is aiming to be one of the premier online 2k leagues, develop the most well rounded and versatile players and deliver the most entertaining and realistic basketball product.  Run by Renaissance Gaming, the VBA Pro-Am Association (PAA) will consist of franchises with real owners and real coaches, running real NBA systems.  PAA will consist of three systems, the Pro League that is a NBA style franchise system for players 18+ who will eventually earn money for playing. Prep League for players under 18 or undrafted free agents to hone their stills.  And a Summer League for players to raise their draft status.  Between the Pro and Prep leagues, there are 160 Starting spots and 224 total spots including reserves, each season.  So if you are looking the get started in Comp ProAm or looking for help getting noticed, VBA has you covered. 


The VBA Team-Up Association (TUA) will be run with the official NBA teams and rosters and is a "for fun" league, without the extreme seriousness of the PAA.  This is open for teams to self organize or we can place individual players.  This league won't tip-off until the 2020 Fall season

     The VBA will serve as an experience and exposure league, allowing top players a platform to show their complete skill set to a wider audience and get help presenting their game to scouts at the other PRO levels.  However, our goal is to also become a player paid league, where all of our talented players will get paid for their services.  Our Operations team will aggressively recruit the top available talent to take the court with our DEVELOPED talent, and our Marketing team will be aggressively seeking sponsors to bring in revenues for the league and the individual Pro-Am franchises which will go first to PLAYERS.


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