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All players will have an Earned Rating Cap (ERC) of 92
You keep your ERC for as long as you are an active player,
if you go inactive FOR ANY REASON, our ERC resets back to 85.

Teammate Grade

All players must maintain at least a C Teammate Grade
Players with a C- or below, will not be eligible for league play
Active Players dropping below a C grade will be suspended until they bring their grade up 

Create a VBA League badge loadout to easily manage your badges


2022-05-15 02_40_27-PS Remote Play.png
NBA 2K23 for Xbox Series X_S-2023_08_10-22_28_28.png

Position Height / Weight Range Requirements

PG   6’2″ - 6’4″ / 170 - 190 lbs

SG   6'4" - 6’6″ / 180 - 215 lbs

SF   6’6″ - 6'8" / 195 - 225 lbs

PF   6'8" - 6’10″ / 225 - 250 lbs

  6'11" - 7’1″ / 245 - 275 lbs

NBA 2K23 for Xbox Series X_S-2023_08_10-22_33_15.png


These League Build Templates are not required, but meant to be a recommendation for builds that will play well in all systems in a ProSim League. See slideshow below for larger imames.

League Build-PG

Point Guard

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