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Welcome to the VBA ProAm Association (PAA) Pro League   

The PAA NBA Style Simulation Draft League, owned and operated by Renaissance Gaming, where all teams are franchises with real owners, real coaches, player drafts before each new season (or players assigned to teams in their local area), PAA league revenue sharing for franchise owners and soon player salaries.  Renaissance Gaming is actively reaching out to partners and sponsors to secure revenue that will first go toward league improvements, player salaries, and eventually actual earnings for the league franchise owners.  


Note:  For the upcoming Spring Season, the franchise startup fees will be waived.  But as the league develops and takes on sponsors, the franchise startup fees (initial fee to start a PAA franchise) will kick in and rise commensurate with the franchise values. 


To become a PAA owner: 

  • You don't need to play 2k to become a franchise owner.  As owner, you can recruit an in-game GM/Coach/Captain to run your team from the floor, or assign one of your players to be your teams' coach/captain.  Your captain and coach can be the same player if they play for the team. 

  • You must, when applicable, be able to pay your franchise startup fees (one-time fee) and annual team payroll either via personal funds, or through sponsorship.  You are allowed to have multiple sponsors at various levels (see Sponsorship Guidelines page). 

  • Owners/GMs are responsible for recruiting their own team, securing your own sponsors, managing your teams financing and overseeing the operation of your own teams in accordance with the league franchise agreement and league rules.  Renaissance Gaming and the VBA have staff that can assist you with these tasks, but ultimately, it’s YOUR team to manage, under the PAA Franchise Agreement (PAAFA). 

  • All owners must register as site members and have a live interview (via phone or voice chat) with the VBA Leadership Board prior to being accepted as franchise owners. 

  • Team Owners are ultimately responsible for any fines handed down from the league. 

  • Fill out the Franchise Request form to begin your journey to eSport franchise ownership. 

  • Being an eSport Franchise owner is a serious small business endeavor, must be 18 or older and able to handle the responsibility or you could be forced to relinquish ownership without compensation.


To become a player: 

  • You need to make sure that your MyPlayer is leveled up to at least a 70 to join the Prep League and at least a 80 to be eligible for the PAA Pro League.  MyPlayer Max rating is 92, and you are locked into the build that you register with. Below these levels, you can still participate in the Summer League until you qualify for the Prep or Pro League

  • Any player can join the ProAm Association (PAA) for free simply by registering. 

  • MyPlayer Max rating is 92, and you are locked into the build that you register with.