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Getting started in the VBA vSport League is a fairly straightforward process, first, decide if you are:

  • Joining as a free agent, that will be selected by or placed on a team

  • Joining as A captain/coach that will build a team with the VBA free agent recruiting tools

Next, you need to register and follow the checklist below.  You also need to carefully read the following information, so that you understand how the league works.  All players starting in the VBA, start with an ERC of 85 (see development info below), and you can earn your way to the max of 92. 

Professional Eligibility Requirements Checklist

Dear ProAm Association Prospect,

Congratulations on your registration for the VBA Wix Community! Your journey towards a successful 2K career is well underway, but there are a few crucial steps you need to take to ensure you are fully prepared and eligible for the exciting opportunities ahead. Your commitment to excellence starts here.

Complete Your Wix Profile

To begin, please navigate to your Wix profile settings. We highly recommend enabling ALL notifications to stay up-to-date with essential information. Your profile should also be meticulously filled out; this step is vital if you aspire to earn a salary in the future.

Verify Your Account Information

All players must verify that their account information matches the provided guidelines. This is a mandatory requirement. Please refer to the provided instructions to ensure your name is correctly listed.

New Player Orientation

We encourage you to watch the New Player Orientation video immediately or attend one of the live orientations. This informative resource will provide you with valuable insights into the ProAm Association and its expectations.

ProAm Association Registration

Next, complete your registration for the ProAm Association. Ensure that you provide all necessary information and select "PRO LEAGUE" on the registration form. After submitting your registration, please verify your inclusion in the Free Agent Listing after you are approved.

Earned Rating Cap (ERC) Reminder

First-season players must adhere to an Earned Rating Cap (ERC) of 85. Returning players should check their ERC on their player profile page to confirm their current rating. If your ERC exceeds the limit, there is a straightforward method to duplicate your build and bypass initial games.

Profile Images

Please submit your PROFILE IMAGES as outlined in the "Building Your Profile" page. These images are your visual representation to the world, so ensure they are of a high-quality and professional standard.

Build Your Player DNA


Watch the instructional video on building your Player DNA. Your unique style and skills will be a crucial asset to your team and your DNA will help coaches recruit and coach you.  When uploading your DNA file, please name you file "VBA24-YOUR GAMERTAG"

Stay Informed

To stay informed and connected with the ProAm community, complete your qualification games promptly. Regularly check the website, read all posts in the Wix forums, and join the VBA Discord Server. Interact with fellow VBA players and keep your notifications turned on for timely updates.

For further information, please read the "Important Player Information" Forum posts.

Welcome to your new professional 2K career. Your dedication and commitment to these steps will pave the way for your success in the ProAm Association.


Best of luck in your journey towards greatness.

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