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Getting started in the VBA vSport League is a fairly straightforward process, first, decide if you are:

  • Joining as a free agent, that will be selected by or placed on a team

  • Joining as A captain/coach that will build a team with the VBA free agent recruiting tools

Next, you need to register and follow the checklist below.  You also need to carefully read the following information, so that you understand how the league works.  All players starting in the VBA, start with an ERC of 85 (see development info below), and you can earn your way to the max of 92. 

Eligibility Requirements Checklist

Wix Site

If you have made it this far, you have registered on the Wix site, but you are not done. You also need to complete your WIX PROFILE.  First go to settings in the profile and turn on ALL notifications, so that you can get all of the new information.  Then make sure all of your profile info is filled in, this is important if you want to eventually get PAID.

All players need to check their Wix account information and make sure that you name is listed as indicated. This is also a requirement. See Instructions

Next, you need to watch the New Player Orientation video-> WATCH NOW!


ProAm Association Registration

Next, you need to register for the ProAm Association, and be sure to fill in all of the information and to select PRO LEAGUE on the registration form.  Once you have submitted you registration, go to the Free Agent Listing and make sure that you see your name. 


Remember that first season players have an Earned Rating Cap (ERC) 85.  Returning players need to check their ERC on their player profile page for your current ERC.  If you have gone over your ERC, its still pretty easy to duplicate your build and skip all of the initial games Watch Video

Profile Images

Next you need to submit your PROFILE IMAGES, See Building Your Profile page  Send to PSNID: Jackmouve

Your profile image represents you to the world, so be sure to take a nice professional image.


Player DNA

Build you Player DNA - Watch the Video


Stay Informed

Now you just have to get your qualification games played and stay informed by checking the website regularly, reading all posts in the wix forums, the joining the VBA Professional ProAm Association Community on PS4 and getting in touch and running games with other VBA players.  All information will be posted in the Community and on the wix app forums so make sure your notifications are ON. 


Read "Important Player Information" Forum posts


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