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Virtual Basketball Association Roles

Below are a list of all of the roles that can be filled on a VBA Franchise.  We offer the opportunity for people to explore other option besides just being a player or as an alternative to being a player.


Team Governor

Approved By League

The franchise owner is the purchaser of the team and the franchise CFO.  You need to apply to purchase a franchise and be approved by the league


General Manager*

Reports to Owner

The GM is responsible for player and staff acquisition and the day to day management of the team.  The GM may or may not be a player and the Governor can act as their own GM.


Head Coach*

Reports to GM

Head Coach is responsible for ensuring players know the system and providing player acquisition input to the GM.  This is a non-player position but should have console access. 

Coaching in this league (a Pro 2K League) is about a 20 hour per week committment, 5hrs Game Day, 6-8 hrs practice, 2-4 hrs practice prep, 3-4 hrs meetings, stats and misc. 


Assistant Coach

Reports to Coach

Assistant Coach is the Player/Coach on the floor. They are responsible for scouting in the absence of a scout. Must be a player and needs console access.  Asst. Coach also acts as Team Captain.


Head Scout*

Reports to Coach

Head Scout is responsible for scouting players, for the Pro, Prep and Summer Leagues.  Can be a player or non-player and needs no console access.



Reports to Coach

Players, once on an active roster, report to the coach and the team GM.  Players are responsible for attending team practices Thursdays and Fridays (6-8 hrs), learning your teams playbook and participating in media day and league wide social media events.

Positions with an (*) have Certification Programs
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