Virtual Basketball Association Roles

Below are a list of all of the roles that can be filled on a VBA Franchise.  We offer the opportunity for people to explore other option besides just being a player or as an alternative to being a player.


Team Governor

Approved By League

The franchise owner is the purchaser of the team and the franchise CFO.  You need to apply to purchase a franchise and be approved by the league


General Manager*

Reports to Owner

The GM is responsible for player and staff acquisition and the day to day management of the team.  The GM may or may not be a player and the Governor can act as their own GM.


Head Coach*

Reports to GM

Head Coach is responsible for ensuring players know the system and providing player acquisition input to the GM.  This is a non-player position but should have console access.


Assistant Coach

Reports to Coach

Assistant Coach is the Player/Coach on the floor. They are responsible for scouting in the absence of a scout. Must be a player and needs console access.  Asst. Coach also acts as Team Captain.


Head Scout*

Reports to Coach

Head Scout is responsible for scouting players, for the Pro, Prep and Summer Leagues.  Can be a player or non-player and needs no console access.

Positions with an (*) have Certification Programs

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