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Our mission for the Virtual Basketball Association is to provide the highest level of competitive vsports action to players and fans in the US and around the world. We are dedicated to fostering a fair, inclusive, and exciting environment for all players, and to promoting the growth and development of vsports as a legitimate and respected competitive platform. By developing and showcasing the talents of some of the best players and teams in the game, we aim to inspire and entertain fans and drive the continued growth and evolution of vsports.

The VBA will:

  • Always open to all players of all skill levels that adhere to VBA Social Standards

  • Offer advanced coaching and player skill development for all players

  • Will offer social media and player image/brand review and development

  • Offer a toxic-free 2k playing environment


The VBA aims to provide a platform for all players to showcase their skills and gain exposure to a wider audience, as well as assist them in presenting their game to scouts at all levels. In addition, our goal is to establish the VBA as a "player salary league," in which all talented players will be compensated for their contributions to and promotion of the league. To achieve this, our Operations team will actively recruit available talent to play alongside our developed talent, while our Marketing team will strive to secure sponsorships to generate revenue for the league and individual franchises, with a priority on ensuring that players are compensated.

Anthony Ward
President / CEO
Renaissance Gaming
Virtual Basketball Association


Jackmouve | @AnthonyEWard

Anthony lives in the Pacific Northwest where he works as a Software Engineer, and has been setting up and running online leagues since 2009.  He is the creator of the very first ever multi-player sports league, the Original VBA, right after the NBA Live 10 Team Play patch dropped.  Other hobbies of his include music production, website and graphic design, screenwriting and lots of outdoor sports, including golf. 2K position is Center.

John Cluphf
RPM Player Rep
Renaissance Player Management


SwayJaayy | @Tacklebox81


John lives in the Pacific Northwest and will be leading the efforts to build the best vSport player representation agency out there. 2K position is Shooting Guard.


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