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The mission of the Virtual Basketball Association (VBA) is to deliver the utmost level of competitive vSports entertainment to both players and enthusiasts, not only within the United States but also on a global scale. Our commitment is to cultivate an equitable, inclusive, and captivating environment for all participants, while simultaneously advancing vSports as a legitimate and esteemed competitive platform. Through the cultivation and exhibition of extraordinary talents within the game, we aim to inspire and captivate fans, thereby propelling the continuous expansion and development of vSports.

The VBA is poised to:

1. Embrace players of all skill levels who adhere to VBA Social Standards.
2. Provide advanced coaching and enhance player skill development for all participants.
3. Furnish social media support and facilitate player image/brand enhancement.
4. Establish a harmonious, non-toxic 2K gaming atmosphere.

The VBA's primary objective is to serve as a stage for all players to showcase their talents and reach a broader audience, all the while assisting them in presenting their abilities to scouts at various levels. Furthermore, we aspire to position the VBA as a "player salary league," where every accomplished player receives due compensation for their valuable contributions to the league's growth and promotion. To realize this vision, our Operations team will proactively scout and recruit available talent to complement our existing roster, and our Marketing team will diligently pursue sponsorships to generate revenue for both the league and individual franchises, with a strong focus on ensuring players are equitably compensated.

Anthony Ward
President / CEO
Renaissance Gaming
Virtual Basketball Association


Jackmouve | @AnthonyEWard

Anthony resides in the Pacific Northwest and holds the position of a Software Engineer. His experience in establishing and managing online leagues dates back to 2009. Notably, he pioneered the concept of the inaugural multiplayer sports league, known as the Original VBA, immediately following the release of the NBA Live 10 Team Play patch. Beyond his professional endeavors, Anthony's interests span a diverse range of activities, encompassing music production, web and graphic design, screenwriting, and a deep passion for outdoor sports, particularly golf. His position is Center.

John Cluphf
RPM Player Rep
Renaissance Player Management


SwayJaayy | @Tacklebox81


Residing in the Pacific Northwest, John is poised to spearhead the establishment of a preeminent vSport player representation agency. 2K position is Shooting Guard.


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